June 18, 2024

Digital Marketing Platforms

Digital marketing is a part of advertising which uses digital technologies like desktop computers, cell phones and various other digital media and devices to advertise products and services in a digital format. It is not new to promote or market products or services. However, digital marketing involves new techniques of selling through digital means. These techniques are used for increasing brand awareness, promoting sales and improving profitability. This digital advertising is usually done in various ways like web 2.0 strategies, social media marketing, PPC advertising and search engine marketing. There are various digital marketing firms offering different kinds of digital advertising services to their clients.

Automation is one of the best ways of using this digital marketing strategy. Digital Marketing Automation helps to achieve maximum productivity in a shorter period of time by automating different parts of digital marketing. Digital Marketing Automation includes Email Marketing, Pay per Click Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Phone Marketing, Live Social Marketing, Digital Customer Management and other marketing automation services. Email marketing is one of the most used digital marketing strategies that help to send customized emails to the potential customers. These emails can be related to the product or service you are offering or promote the brand.

Digital Marketing Automation can be used for sending emails regarding various product and service releases, press releases, announcements about brand promotions, customer care information, FAQs and various other purposes. In this way, you can get maximum benefit for your brands and gain maximum exposure for your business. This digital marketing automation helps marketers to save considerable amount of time and money and at the same time improve customer experience.

Email marketing can be used for sending bulk messages to the audience based on their interest. For example, if there are thousands of people interested in a particular kind of sport, you can send an email about cricket news, cricket score, the latest cricket news, the latest cricket statistics and so on. This strategy has proved very useful for businesses dealing in a particular niche. On the other hand, traditional marketing through offline media such as radio, print, telephonic, etc., helps to reach out to a large audience and spread the awareness about products.

Businesses can easily use inbound marketing automation platform to monitor and track every activity related to digital and traditional marketing campaigns. This way, marketers can understand which approach brings better results. Also, marketers can measure results of each digital and traditional inbound marketing campaign and quickly analyze the results to decide whether it is worth continuing with the campaign or discontinuing.

As per the recent trends, most of the business houses are shifting towards online advertising and are hiring digital marketers/ advertisers to do the job for them. As most of the brands run multiple channel campaigns, it becomes difficult for the marketers to understand the impact of each channel and perform the task accurately. Using advanced tools and tracking systems, digital marketers can easily perform the task and analyze results to make an effective decision. Hence, platforms such as Inbound Marketing Automation helps to streamline the process and make it more consistent and effective for both the brands and advertisers.

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