April 21, 2024

Latest Computer Gadgets and Accessories Must Haves for Tech Enthusiasts

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a tech-loving friend, these cool laptop accessories make the perfect gifts. They’re handy for keeping your equipment protected, creating an ergonomic workspace and even boosting productivity.

The unapologetically retro-styled Tidbyt Smart LED Display displays vital information like weather conditions, upcoming calendar appointments and live scores on a charming, old-school screen. It also has a companion app for customizing the onscreen experience.

1. GoPro HERO11 Black

GoPro’s bestselling action camera is back with its best features in years, and a whole host of new ones too. The Hero 11 Black offers 5.3K video, 27-megapixel photos and HyperSmooth stabilisation – all packed into a sleek and compact waterproof shell.

The touchscreen interface has been streamlined for a better experience even for beginners and the ‘Easy’ mode will give you a point-and-shoot experience, while pros will appreciate a full range of presets. More importantly, the camera now supports 10-bit video which offers more flexibility for color grading in post-production. It’s also capable of creating time-lapses and star trails a whole lot easier thanks to the ‘HyperSmooth’ feature. It can even shoot HDR videos and automatically highlight the most interesting parts of your shot.

2. Tidbyt Smart LED Display

Tidbyt is a sleek, wood-encased LED display that looks like a retro clock but does so much more. The tiny gadget is able to cycle through a host of apps that show you the time, weather, stock prices and Tweets, as well as allowing users to upload photos and create custom messages.

With the help of a smartphone companion app, users can configure what and when the Tidbyt should display. With dozens of pre-built applets to choose from, the device can show virtually any photo, game score, stock price or message that you want it to.

It can also be customized with a brightness setting that automatically adjusts with the sun and even includes a night mode that keeps it dim for ease on your eyes. The device, which launched on Kickstarter, is now available to purchase for $199.

3. HP Sprocket Select

Unlike more traditional printers, the HP Sprocket Select uses ZINK technology, which means you don’t need to buy ink. The photo printer prints wallet-sized photos on sticky-backed paper and is powered by a rechargeable battery.

The portable printer can be controlled by the dedicated app, which lets you curate your images and print them instantly. You can even add frames, stickers and other fun edits to your photos. The app also provides artistic filters, helpful text and light-hearted embellishments.

The app can connect to your social media accounts so you can easily print Instagram and Facebook photos. It comes with a starter pack of 10 HP Zink sticky-backed photos and can make 35 prints on a single charge. You can buy additional packs of HP Zink photo papers at a lower price.

4. Ember Smart Mug

The Ember Mug is the smart gadget that will make you feel smug every time you pass Luddites with their non-smart coffee mug. It’s a ceramic mug that uses sensors and microprocessors to keep your drink at a chosen temperature for as long as you need it. It pairs with an app for customizable settings and remote control.

The second-gen model is supposed to hold your beverage at the ideal temperature for up to three hours. It also goes into sleep mode when empty, which saves battery life. You can also set up presets for your different drinks (coffee at 130 degrees, tea at 132 degrees, latte at 126 degrees) in the app. It’s not dishwasher safe, but it’s submersible up to a meter for easy cleaning.

5. Samsung CRG9 Monitor

The Samsung CRG9 Monitor is an ultra-wide gaming display with a 5120×1440 dual-QHD resolution and a gentle 1800R curve. It’s also HDR compatible and supports FreeSync 2 for smooth gameplay.

The CRG9 is an expensive monitor, but one that offers a premium viewing experience for gamers and content creators. Its curved design supplants traditional two-monitor setups. Its massive screen and ultra-wide resolution make it a real spectacle to behold.

The only downside is that games that don’t support ultra-wide resolutions tend to look silly on the CRG9, with giant black bars running down the side. Still, for those who can afford it, there isn’t a better monitor out there. A long carton reveals the monitor in three pieces, and it’s easy enough to attach the stand with fasteners held captive in the mounting point.