April 17, 2024

Why Many Call High-Speed Internet A Basic Necessity In Life

Today, broadband is a basic necessity for economic development and human well-being. It has become an essential tool for essential service delivery, and it contributes to shared prosperity by increasing opportunities for women’s empowerment and environmental sustainability. In addition, broadband catalyzes job skills development, a vital avenue for reducing poverty. So why is broadband such a necessity? Read on to find out why.

One of the main reasons many people can’t access high-speed Internet is because of lack of access to broadband services. Lack of broadband access can limit access to online education, healthcare, and economic opportunity. To bridge this digital divide, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued Executive Directive 2021-2, establishing the Michigan High-Speed Internet Office. The Michigan High-Speed Internet Office coordinates broadband investments. Likewise, a taskforce called Connecting Michigan is in place to ensure that the work of state agencies is aligned.

Broadband access is essential for many daily tasks, including learning, homework, telecommuting, banking, and remote health services. For low-income households, federal programs help provide free or discounted home broadband and wireless data service. For those who can’t afford broadband service, the Affordable Connectivity Program is an excellent option. But there are many costs involved in high-speed internet, and many people aren’t able to afford it.

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